Do You Think Blurtit Is A Good Place To Ask Questions?


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Yes, on the whole I do think so. I know it's a bit of a lottery as to when qustions get answered - I think people tend to notice the new ones more than the ones that have been there a while -but sooner or later there's a good chance that someone will be looking through the subject categories and come upon yours - like I just have!

You were a bit unlucky with yours, because it's a perfectly clear question, but a lot of them don't get answered because they aren't clearly expressed and nobody is sure what they mean. Also if you have a very technical or detailed question, you could wait ages for someone with the knowledge - and time -to come across it.

But I like the variety of Blurtit - it's not just your own questions; I'm always clicking on ones that other people have asked, just out of curiosity. And of course, you sometimes get given a link to a website that's really useful.

So I'd say, I wouldn't make Blurtit my only reference point for important questions, but I'd certainly use it for fun, tips and general knowledge (have you tried browsing the categories?) Also, it's still very new and hear more developments are planned, so that should be interesting.
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I see why you gave yourself that screen name there wordy. (Smile)
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I think this Blurtit is a very stimulating place to learn the answers for some of the questions which we are not usually able to raise, or to see those which another person has raised. And we can clarify all kinds of problems through Blurtit. According to me, I am feeling very happy to see the questions and answers at least once in a day.
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Yes, Blurtit is a good place to ask questions but remember that the answer you get may not be 100% correct. It is very important, particularly with medical matters, to seek advice from the experts. So if you have a very serious question, the answer to which might affect your wellbeing, then seek professional advice.
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Yes, it's a good place to ask assorted questions. However, you may get different aspects of answers. It'll be your turn to select the most suitable answer among those contradictory answers. Due to the blend of differently experienced individuals from professionals to amateurs to learners, this is a wonderful site.
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Yes it is very good website
Well it is a site meant to specifically do that

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