Is finding questions to answer on Blurtit easy enough? What do you think of the Popular/New/Mine/Feed options... which do you use most?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

I generally just use "New" or "Topics" and find it the easiest way. I like those two the best !

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Ray Dart answered

Finding questions is easy enough but (please do not be offended anyone) - finding questions that are rewarding to answer, useful to the asker, or interesting to a casual observer is now a bit difficult.

What is your favourite song/joke/pizza recipe? Etc.

Do you like cats/dogs/bacteria? Etc

If you had three wishes would you? Etc

I know the questions are asked by nice people, and nice people answer them. But...

Sadly, I remember the early days of Blurtit, serious, challenging stuff, it was fun.....

Perhaps it will happen again.

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Betty Boo
Betty Boo commented
Ok thanks
Ha ha
Ray Dart
Ray Dart commented
I probably ought to point out though that "The good old days" also included loads of Justin Bieber questions and other dross as well - we mainly ignored the dross.......
Didge Doo
Didge Doo commented
Ask was inundated with Bieber questions when I joined just over four years ago. These days he rarely gets a mention. One Direction got a lot of questions too, but they seem to have gone.

I registered here some time ago -- not sure how long, but a year or more -- and found that most of the questions were inane. I didn't stick around long. Rooster told me a while ago that things had improved a lot since then and he was right. It's now a very good site. I hope we can all rub along together.
Corey The Goofyhawk Profile

I typically use only Popular and New to answer questions. As of yet, I haven't clicked on feed. I feel that finding questions is quite easy and convenient. Thanks for your work! Best of luck to you!

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Woof Woofy answered

I use New the most. I rarely ever use the others but I do glance at them once in a while.

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