Is There Any Way To Edit Or Delete A Question Long After It's Been Posted?


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Ryanna Brown answered
They have changed a lot of things here you can only edit questions and comments for 5 minutes after posting them. You can have a question deleted by going to the contact us at the bottom of the page, you will loose 10 pts for deleting it and those who answered will loose points...
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I see. I can understand that I lose points, but it's kind of unfair for the ones who answered don't u think?!
Ryanna Brown
Ryanna Brown commented
That's still up to you, sounds a little unfair but sometimes you may need to have something removed for personal reasons etc... And they understand and they only loose 10 pts per answer...
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You go to the bottom of the page, and use the 'contact us' and ask them to remove it. But for editing, you are able to edit your questions, the edit area is under the question that you asked. Hope this helps.
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Anonymous commented
Thanks a lot!
But I've noticed that editing is only possible for 5 minutes when it comes to comments. Is this true for questions too? I don't see any edit areas under my old questions.
Jacquelyn Mathis
Jacquelyn Mathis commented
I can edit my questions for a while, I usually have to go in now and add the description to the question. That is the part that is bothering me.

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