If You Had Just One Wish For All The Blurters Here To Follow, What Would That Be?


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Blurt onto others as you would have them blurt onto you. There I said it , I know it sounds silly but that is my stance.
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World Peace. O.k. This isn't Miss Congeniality, but, I do wish that people all have compassion for one another while thinking about helping themselves as well as others who are here to get it. Simple enough, but really harder than it sounds? I hope not.
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Now you are dealing in the realm of Grimm's Fairy Tales. The consequences of World Peace may just be way beyond human understanding and control. It only looks good on paper but disasterous in practice.
Jacquelyn Mathis
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Sad, but true.
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I wish that everyone would take a deep breath, calm down, wait a few minutes before jumping on someone else’s bandwagon. I wish people would take a few seconds to think for themselves, to consider the possibility of just the opposite of what they are told. To cast doubt, to question, not simply to echo and sheepishly follow--that’s the basic requirement of a free person.

I am troubled by all these mindless outcries I hear and encounter everyday. Doesn’t anyone bother to check before they throw stones? Politicians and radio pundits spin for a reason. What is your excuse?
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I don't deal in wishes unless you mean what would i ask others to be able to do or see  of their own free will then i would like to see/wish them to see that there is only one Creator/God/ Jesus and he is the only way to eternal life whether you believe it or not right now,that is what i would wish for anyone that visits this site or any site on the internet for that matter....although i may be not the one to reach them with that information ....
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Many paths to take. I wish you your wish. : )
Alan commented
Own free will and The Creator (whatever his name may be) and eternal life. All in the one sentence. Heavy stuff .
I recon we get to know each other on here more so than most other meeting places. We quite often type things to strangers needing help that we would never choose to talk about in normal conversation.
We have many friends here other than Christians. We respect them all equally.
May Your God Go With You.
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To quote Rodney King - "why can't we all just get along?"!! Really though, i wish that we would all be able to share who we are in an intelligently fun fashion.
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Rodney King only has a question. He has no answer. Neither have we.
Your wish is something we are all able to do. At least many try, and most succeed. : )
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My wish is in terms of the site itself ... Rather than a specific wish for people to believe a certain way.  My wish is that what each person posts reaches others in the right timing and/or way which will add to/better their lives, if not now, then at some point, according where they are and "need to be".   I happen to believe there is a force at the helm bigger than we are, and wish as we might for people to see things as we do, we each have a journey to make that looks a little different.

Anyway,bingo!--I believe my "wish" has and will continue to come true!  Seems to me alll here bring their gifts and talents and present challenges for our growth, and we see them and use them as we are in the place to be able to do so. :)
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I will curb my usual verbose way and let this suffice: You have no idea how much you have reached others in ways you will probably never know. Thanks. : )
I 2nd that Dext!!!
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Let's agree to disagree! If we all had the same opinion then we wouldn't all be here or all be needed, To grow is to accept that which we cannot change and to understand that which seems confusing, distant and out of order.To understand an opinion is to grasp a perspective which may be unfamiliar to our experiences. To ask and to understand is to grow. We can all be A-holes and all have been at some time or other but those that choose to participate here are here for a reason. Like the reason or not our participation here binds us as brothers and sisters of thought. While we may get our dander up it doesn't mean we need to attack because we have different experiences or think differently. You, Dext and I have disagreed but we have also agreed, and from discussions in the old debate I have learned to respect you and your opinions even if they may be contrary from my own, they are not always. That is what comes from understanding differences.
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This site and us Blurters are 24/7. But most of my friends are in bed sleeping most of time I am up and running, so to speak. (dont do much running) lol
My wish is for the impossible. That there was no time difference between us all.
But that would mean if you got up in the middle of the night with a question for your Blurting friends, they might all be sleeping.
It is a great idea that so many views can be expressed without an argument ensuing. If only real life was like that.

Anyone got an asprin, my head now hurts. Lol
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I know that posters here are of all ages, countries and walks of life, but I'd seriously love people to use the correct grammar and give enough information in the question to provide an answer - it's no wonder at times why a lot of questions get left alone.

I mean, - "Where did he shop?" is an example.  How on earth is ANYONE supposed to seriously answer that?  Questions like that bring out my sarcastic humour, and I really have to hold back from answering with a strange answer... Lol
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I'd wish for all the blurter s to just meet in one place have a brai and chill for the whole day and actually meet and talk to the people you always blurt with.
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The attraction of being here is the mystery, the guessing and imagining about each other. Once we meet in person, we'll discover we're basically the same ho-hum boring people. Don't ruin it. : )
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It's often said that if you want to keep your friends, you should never discuss politics or religion. That said, this is supposed to be a site for candid discussion so here goes.

I would ask that all Blurters who profess to be Christians (and let me state now that I believe Christian principles to be an excellent benchmark for living, whatever your denomination or faith) examine their beliefs before delivering any subjective opinions.

Some of the profiles I've read seem to interpret 'Love Thy Neighbour' as 'Love thy neighbour - unless he pi**es  you off in which case you're  quite entitled to blow him away".

If that's what you truly feel then fine, but please don't be a hypocrite by claiming that this attitude is compatible with the teachings of Christ.
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Thank you for your answer. I have two responses: 1) I agree with you totally regarding hypocrites. 2) I think that if there is real friendship, then you can separate the person with their beliefs, whether they involve politics or religion or anything else. If you only like people who have the same beliefs, then you have only allies. It may make you feel safe and comfortable, but there is no fresh viewpoint, diversity--and you wither, much less grow.
Nathan Corrie
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Agree with your 2 also. My opening remark was only quoting a saying - I didn't mean that I subscribe to it personally. If I regard someone as a friend, I couldn't care less what their politics or religion are. In my social circle, we may hold and express different viewpoints, but we would never allow this to jeopardise our friendship. Frankly, if anyone ostracised me because I held a different politicial or religious opinion to theirs, I wouldn't want them as a friend anyway !
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Okay, first off, I would never just use ONE wish. My wish would be for a million more wishes. Once I was granted THAT wish, I would spend my remaining 999,999 wishes like so:

My first wish
is a bit complicated, and will probably never happen: I wish for a Blurtit Democracy. I hope for a time in history when WE THE PEOPLE can run the site. Uber Blurters, intelligent and kind people, and go-getters (like Nassy and Tiggs for instance) could be in charge. Some of the mods aren't doing their jobs. A lot of dirty material slips through, unnoticed by the site administration, but noticed by us.

My second wish would be that everyone would take thoughtful consideration before posting questions. Has it been asked before? Did you make any major spelling and grammatical errors? Is this offensive or inappropriate? If people used more common sense, the Blurtit world would be a much better place.

My third wish is that everyone could respect one another's differences and opinions. We're a community, and there's no need to get hostile when you disagree with someone. I don't mean to go Rodney King on you, but...why can't we all just get along?
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My wish is that every question would get at least one decent answer. I see so many questions that get UN answered, and I wonder if these people eventually get help from another source or if they just wait for eternity for someone to eventually answer...and that the answers people DO get, are not just some smart alick, because some of these people are asking for genuine help and not to be made a joke of.
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In a perfect world, we would all get along with each other, and laugh together and sing together and tell jokes and stories to each other and never argue , and we would be nice to everyone...but we all think differently, and some people just get on other blurters nerves sometimes...so I would say, if someone really "bugs" you, stay away from them and don't pester or torment them, intimidate them or harass them.  Stay on your side of the blurtit fence, ok?  Let's have fun with the ones we do like and enjoy being friends with everyday.  It may get boring for some of you, but you'll get over it.
Be as objectively thoughtful [without crushing another's ♥] as possible at all times...♥Nassy
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Pamela Krueger
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LOL...sometimes my fingers just move by themselves as if they are possessed! I will have to get rid of certain letters on my keyboard I guess! LOL Not really as this has only happened a couple of times and the mods quickly edited my bad word(s)..☺
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It is to make peace with one another, despite conflicts between the two parties, and learn to give and forgive each one, so we can live happy and contented lives.

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