Do you think that Blurtit should display an 'up-vote' and when you 'thank' a writer in your feed? Or is this not necessary? 


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Noah Green answered

It should remain up to the reader. They may have thanked you for your answer simply because of the effort you gave, it may not have helped at all. Therefore, they probably wouldn't 'up-vote' that. It needs to remain up to them, but that's just my two-cents.

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Lily Bradic , Blurtit team-member, answered

I don't think Blurtit needs to show 'up-votes' and 'thanks', as if you're following a lot of people, and you can see everything they've up-voted or thanked, then your feed is going to get clogged up very quickly.

I've had this happen a few times myself when I've been working in a certain category. I'll find that my feed is filled up with what I've up-voted and thanked, which is often several answers to the same question, or multiple questions on the same subject.

I then feel sorry for everyone who follows me, as I know they're likely to end up with a feed full (for example) of crustacean-related 'thanks' and 'up-votes'!

Let The User Decide

I think the best thing would be to let each individual user decide whether or not they want 'thanks' and 'up-votes' appearing in their feed.

If feeds were customisable (perhaps under 'account settings' or even in the form of a tick-box or two on the feed page itself), then everyone would be happy - you could have both 'thanks' and 'up-votes' hidden, or only one hidden, or both showing up.

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Kathryn Wright
Kathryn Wright commented
This makes sense. Allowing people to customise as much as possible, as long as they don't feel it's a step to much that we are asking them to do.
Stan Smith
Stan Smith commented
I totally agree, Lily, especially with the customization ideas you shared.

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