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Personally, I would say the latter is more dangerous as its just asking for something physical to happen one way or another as this promotes more human activity than viewing porn. But viewing porn doesn't guarantee nothing will happen but is less of a chance of actual activity other than self satisfaction.

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Kind of depends on what your wife's health problems are but I would travel and enjoy life as much as possible. I loved travelling all over the world and seeing and enjoying things. Nothing better for your health than being happy and enjoying yourself. Might just do your wife some real good !

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I don't have a lot a money so I originally only used a cheap Yamaha Ga-15. It used to get lots of electromagnetic interference and that really angered me, but over the years as I got new amps and guitars I still kept the Yamaha as the sentimental value was there. While my over amps … Read more

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As much as I like Marshall amplifiers, I do love my 300W Line6 bass amp (pictured) as well! There are so many reasons I'm fond of this amplifier:

  • Never let me down (had it over 5 years)

  • So much choice when it comes to adjusting the sound
  • Loud … Read more

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If I could go back and bring something forward it would be a car I had when I was 19. It was a 1971 Dodge Demon with a 340 ci. Motor. It was completely high performance with nitrous oxide.  It was street legal and still fast enough to run with the professional race car's.  I … Read more

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I would love to go back to the past and know what I know now. I had to go to work early In life. My dad owned the company and he decided I wasn't going to sit home. So all my life I have made money. When I was in my teen's and 20's I … Read more

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Of of course! You should call and inform the police of all your family activities. Be a good little spy for the government!  Erase all trust that your family has in you. It is your duty to destroy your family!