How did you discover Blurtit ?


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Alvie Brink Profile
Alvie Brink answered

I was seeking a question asking site to aide me in getting random peoples opinions to help with my writing.

Raul Stewart Profile
Raul Stewart answered

Hmm I don't know... A series of events led me here.....

Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

I was on another website looking for medical info about 6 years ago and it sent me here and since then I've become the number 1 answerer on here. I have enjoyed meting and making new friends as well as helping others with their life's challenges

Nikki Ridgerider Profile

Well, this was like two or three years ago. I was a little bit younger and my parents were fighting again and I was holed up in my room crying. 

Keeping in mind that I was depressed then, and I cried almost every day. I got on my computer, went on Google and typed in something like, "Why do my parents always fight?" which led me to the Blurtit community! I think I wanted to comment on the question or something like that, and Blurtit told me I had to sign up to do that. My Blurtit account was born!

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Anonymous answered

I looked for a website where I could ask questions for free and I found it.

Elizabeth MacConnachie Profile

When I googled Billie Joe Armstrong  and Green Day when I got bored online one day, I was at the public library and I had 40 minutes free after checking my emails and old Facebook account and I found a load of threads  about Billie Joe etc etc and shocked at the people complaining about bad behaviour and the amount of hate there was and the amount of people saying similar things about that bad behaviour.  Now I endeavour just to ask or answer questions and keep away from that band.  Not a fan anymore.  Its the only subject that annoys and upsets me online. When I was reading the related posts my jaw dropped to the floor and has been down there ever since.  Cheese Louise! 

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