How do you deactivate your Blurtit account?


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Yo Kass Profile
Yo Kass answered

If you're interested in removing your profile from Blurtit, then you can email me at [email protected]

Whilst we'd obviously like to keep as many of our lovely users as we possibly can, I totally understand that some people may have second thoughts about the profiles they've created on Blurtit.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, Blurtit answers remain around forever, and show up in search results. This is great because it allows us to share your wisdom and knowledge to the rest of the planet for all eternity.

However, our policy is that when someone requests it, we'll happily remove any association you may have to the content you've created - so those embarrassing answers that you wrote way back in 2006 will start showing up as anonymous instead.

Just bear in mind though, that requesting to deactivate your profile isn't the same as deleting answers. Once you deactivate your account, you'll be losing all the connections, answers and online clout that you've carefully built up!

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