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Really depends on what you like (cars, minivans, pickup trucks, sports cars, etc.) but a good first car would be one that is reliable and gets good to great gas mileage. Most German cars (Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen) are the most reliable cars. Although most Mercedes-Benz and BMW are really expensive, even used with over 100,000 … Read more

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My 1987 Ford Bronco does that too, chances are the vacuum is incorrect.

Either it's getting to much gas or not enough. But it could be because of numerous things. I suggest just taking it to a shop. It'd be smartest to take it to a Ford dealership because they specailize in fords.

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I'd never get a tattoo on my knuckles, as I was at the tattoo parlor last week to be with a friend of mine and he got a knuckle tattoo (the words "F--k you" were to be tattooed on his knuckles). I was there for an hour because he was crying for 25 minutes.

Anyway.. If … Read more

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I must agree with this. That's very true. I hadn't thought about the urge aspect of it, and it's very helpful reading the answer from someone who dealt with addiction. I admit to have smoked a few cigarettes before and I've sometimes wanted to do the same in those high-pressure situations. This was a very … Read more
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This is an opinionated question because, well, some people are hell bent in believing so, but the open-minded (and logical) know that people can stop being addicted. Sure, it takes a while, and it's living hell, especially with heroin and prescription pills, but you eventually get off of it and forget about it, becoming a … Read more