What does it mean to blurtit? I accidentally clicked on the word blurt and then couldn't see how to undo the action.


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A "Blurt" is like a re-tweet in Twitter. It's a button that enables you to share an interesting question or answer with your friends on Blurtit.

To "undo" a Blurt, you can simply hit the Blurt button again.

We're still perfecting the way the site works, and we love it when people share and highlight interesting questions, debates and topics - using the Blurt button.

But if you have any suggestions about how to improve features and functions like Blurting, we are all ears!

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Mike J
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I've always wondered, why the "latest" tab on the homepage and the "activity" tab under topics show different things. It seems as if upvotes, "thank yous", and comments don't show under "latest", and any activity from me (asking a question, answering a question, leaving a comment, etc.), but the "activity" tab on the homepage shows all that stuff, along with my activity. Is it supposed to be like that?
Yo Kass
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So the "latest" tab that you see in your homefeed is a list of the latest activity that people you're friends with on Blurtit are performing.

We don't show upvotes and thanks in that feed, because otherwise it would great pretty cluttered.

The "activity" tab you're talking about is on the "topics" page.
Not only does this activity stream show ALL activity - but it can be filtered down.

By default, you'll see all activity from all topics. But, by using the icons on the right you can browse activity for individual topics.

You can also use the tabs at the top of the feed to filter further, so that you only see "answers" or "questions" or even "unanswered questions" in this feed.
Mike J
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That clears it up, thanks!

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