How did Blurtit gain so many users?


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Corey Levesque answered

Before blurtit was what it is now it was down for a long while. Before that it was was different and there was a lot more users. Everyone that was a user had to make a new account. So all the old users must be how theres so many

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We currently get around 40-50 new people joining us a day. Many of the people that sign up happened to land on our site when searching for information, so really we have our community answerers to thank for the way the site is growing!

Corey is correct in that the site used to be a lot busier and had more of a buzz, but we're working on bringing the good times back.

Actually, scratch that... Our aim is to return stronger than ever, to make Blurtit the friendliest and most helpful Q&A site on the planet!!!

We closed down the site in 2013 and spent a few months redesigning, rebuilding, and rethinking.

We then opened up in "beta testing" mode, and invited around 200 lovely people to share their opinions on the site and help us work out what users wanted to see on site.

The next step was to welcome back some of the top users from the old version of the site, and everyone has been amazing and super-supportive which brings us to where we are now: Growing bigger and stronger everyday!

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Luke Nelson
Luke Nelson commented
Ha, my mum a dad use to say that to me as i grew up :')
Adila Adila
Adila Adila commented
Well I'm saying it too! 8) The person who made that little seal on milk cartons (when you open the lid) has made millions...just by that! a tiny thing! 8) Small ideas = BIG! xD
Luke Nelson
Luke Nelson commented
Starting a few small projects to get funding for the site, get them on kickstarter i think...

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