What does blurt mean? Like... 1 person blurted your question.


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Raul Stewart Profile
Raul Stewart answered

Dictionary meaning is: To utter suddenly and impulsively..

But here there is an option "blurt"... Don't know what it does but there is an option of blurting questions..

Blurt It Profile
Blurt It answered

The 'Blurt' button on Blurtit allows you to share a question or answer you've enjoyed with everyone that is following you.

For example, I 'Blurter' Raul Stewart's great answer above, and now everyone that is following my account will be able to see his answer in their home feed too.

Happy Blurting!

Izzy SouthernGirl Profile

I think it means they like what you wrote.

David Shabazi Profile
David Shabazi answered

"Blurt" is another way to say share. So you may blurt a question if it's thought-provoking or an answer if it makes a really good point and whatnot. And your followers get to see whatever you blurt.

I guess it's like Facebook in a sense, where you can share peoples' statuses and your friends can see it. That's one thing that Yahoo! Answers doesn't have that Blurtit does - sharing (or at least I think).

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