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It looks like it worked OK for this question. Never heard that one before but I'll do my best to check it out and ask a question. I just asked a question Taylor and it worked just fine. You might have forgot to add one of the steps is all.

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It's a nice community full of nice people. Rooster looks scary at first, but when you get to know his ways of moderating you'll understand he's actually cool. And there's this mysterious lady with the blue bird avatar. She appears rarely but when it happens - POSITIVISM EVERYWHERE.

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On your home screen, hold down on any app icon for a few seconds and they will begin to wiggle.

You'll also notice an "x" icon appear on the top-right corner of each app icon. Tap that to permanently remove any app of you choice.

When you're done sorting through your apps, hit the home button to … Read more

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Hi Annie!  Welcome to Blurtit!  Bruno's video link is your best beginning guide.  :)  As you go, you'll probably want to use all the fun features.  Here's another link.

If you're on a mobile device, there are just a couple of extra steps.  Ask us, and we'll be happy to show … Read more