1. What's the difference between the green thumb the "Thank Writer" button? 2. Are the FAQs up to date? 3. What do "Answers, Follow, Blurt, Favorite" then a pair of yingy-yangy arrows all mean?

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Angela Anthony answered

Hi Didge! The green button actually gives the person a vote....like a star...thank the writer let's the person know that you liked their answer. The answer...is just the count of how many answers a given question has....the follow, allows you to follow a particular question....and to blurt is like a tweet! FAQ? I have no idea, that's a question for Kass! Wheew!

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Betty Boo answered

Those were my questions to myself this morning  i am anxiously waiting to get the answer 

This site seems perfect for you. You can truly share your knowledge and add chat.. Photos ..

You are the kind of person they need on here 

I'll be reading your posts 

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Ancient Hippy
Ancient Hippy commented
Didge, you're my favorite author, followed by Shakespeare and Stephen King.
Shinypate one
Shinypate one commented
Yup. Tie me kangeroo down, sport, he's no blodgy bludger!
Didge Doo
Didge Doo commented
Well, that's understandable, Hippy. In another life I taught Bill all he knows.

And Shiny, that really surprised me. I studiously avoid using words like bludger or whinger on the Net. Americans don't always know what they mean.

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