I can't seem to get "about me" on my profile to stay. No telling what is on there. I seem to change the words each time I type it. I hit done and then hit update. When I go back to check it, it is blank. Any advice?


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Ray Dart answered

I just went to see if there was a "general" problem with editing profiles. So I made a couple of (very) minor amendments to mine. They worked OK. It may be that there is a problem with "new" profiles (although others seem to have made theirs stick).  There is a "contact" link at the foot of most Blurtit pages, I've used this in the past to report when things have not worked properly (although it is a long time since I last did).

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Yo Kass answered

That's an interesting bug...I tried to replicate the issue on an iPhone 6, but it seems to work ok for me.

When you update your "About Me" section and hit the "update" button, you should see a green confirmation message like this right away:

If you don't see that green confirmation, I wonder whether you're getting an error on one of the form fields that is out of view...

For example, either your name, image, or the character limit of the bio section might be causing an issue.

Either way, drop me a line if you're still having this problem, and I will look into it further.


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Betty Boo
Betty Boo commented
Thank you very much.
I will try and let you know. So far I have not seen the green area.
You are such a great help to everyone.
I have been busy today.
Thank you.

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