Do you know what I like about this site compared to other Question/Answer sites I have used in the past??


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1. I like the fact that there isn't a leaderboard

2. I like the fact that there is no points system

3. I like the fact that the site is simple and nice to use

4. I like how the moderators participate and are friendly.

5. i haven't bumped into any mean and nasty trolls.

After sodahead closed.. I tried several different sites and none of them were good. 

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Arthur Wright
Arthur Wright commented
It used to be like this when I joined some 9 years ago and even had some Bots answering but not many left on here from those days
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I like this site better than other Q&A sites. I do like that the "Mods" will jump in and ask and answer questions. They are pretty quick to jump on the trolls and get them shut down. I like the chat on the right-hand side.

There could be improvements made, however, this is the best site I've found for my needs.

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What I like is the fact that it is simple for the technologicallly challenged. (meaning myself). It's relaxed .And many wonderful and friendly members. It's a site I think I can call home.

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I'm liking it too 

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