OK... So, I have to make an announcement. Sometime in early 2017, I'm probably going to leave this site. For good. I would explain why I'm having to leave, but I fear it would just upset you more, as well as other reasons. I'm still going to hang about in the meantime, but I'm not going to speak about it that much.


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Dear Omega,

With warm affection for you and what you bring to Blurt, I will just continue to hope that the "probably" does not even happen at all.

However I think it is very gracious of you to give us the alert, as you see each person has their own very special niche here.

And I do encourage you, depending on your own good judgment, if comfortable for you then please do at some point let us know what is going on, the reasons why you need to consider this?

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You are pregnant and they are shipping you away to "pregnant school?!?!?" I thought we have come up from those days! Pffffft! :0(

In my daughters high school they had child care classes people could take for their elective and well.... The teen moms just brought their babies to school and put them in the child care class.

In all seriousness, I am sorry you have to go. Please come back if you can. You will be missed. :0(

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Yin And Yang
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Oh man! This is a medical mystery!!!! I will start by keeping the media hounds off of you but only on one condition..... you stick around long enough for us to witness this little bundle of joy's arrival!
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If it's a boy, I'll call him Tim
If it's a girl, I'll call her Min
But if it's just gas, I'll call it Yin and Yang.

Yin And Yang
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Sounds good to me! I have always wanted to be named after something!

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