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..............National Walk Around Things Day, National Love Our Children Day , National Handmade Day, and National Education and Sharing Day.

No hugging today but I amin for all others.

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We are in a stay at home order in Arizona. Yuma has 13 cases. It's nerve racking especially since Yang went back to work. He will be all over the United States. 😓 Home life is pretty normal still. I know it sounds petty but the ONE thing I am really having a hard time … Read more

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Our whole state is on stay-at-home orders except essential businesses.  My daughter and I are doing pretty well.  We still enjoy walks outside with our dog .... And watching her enormous movie collection. I'm just grateful we have a safe and comfy place to be.

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I am in!  Sometimes there is nothing better than a good pb&j.

And we did need to make more people aware of how broad a spectrum there is in Autism. Some are very high functioning and just seem a little quirky, while others are completely nonverbal and take a lot of care. And there are … Read more

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Yeah , my wife and I are doing good here in Central Pennsylvania. A state wide stay at home order ( 67 counties ) was issued yesterday. Mrs. MM still has to work but she gets screened before she enters the hospital and when she leaves. I'm getting lots of Spring yard work done if … Read more