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I did not really know Rooster but I send him good vibes and prayers. I hope that he gets well soon. Thanks for telling us about his condition and keep us updated if you can. I am sure he will be fit and fine. Be brave. We are here to support you.

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βœ”πŸ’– spinach-pan fried in butter

βœ– nougat- where is the tree

βœ”πŸ’– heard higher fat keto is good for epilepsy

βœ”πŸ’– love purple

βœ”πŸ’– keto is great for diabetes. As long as it is done with the support of a keto-friendly Doctor.  My sugars were never high- keto has brought them down slightly...well in the normal range still . … Read more

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I’m glad to see you Darren. We were very worried about you. Don’t stress yourself over the test, that will not help you at all.  The DR will call I’m sure.  Take care of yourself in the mean time.