What is the community like here? What sort of people?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Overall? It's a great community. Almost everyone gets along good without any bickering. Seems like it attracts spammers but we nail them as soon as we see them. People of all ages and from around the world here to help others and have a good time doing it.

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Gena Lorainne answered

It's a nice community full of nice people. Rooster looks scary at first, but when you get to know his ways of moderating you'll understand he's actually cool. And there's this mysterious lady with the blue bird avatar. She appears rarely but when it happens - POSITIVISM EVERYWHERE.

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Skip Gentry answered

I've only been here a few weeks and everyone is super friendly!

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Blurt It answered

According to my data on the profiles created here... There is indisputable evidence that smart, funny, intelligent and interesting people from all walks of life come to Blurtit to share their knowledge and have a good time! :D

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You are the site operator? great to meet you. I was notified a "decline" or "accept edit" in my notification page. Right or wrong, I thought that you suggested an "Edit" to my question. I probably miss-understood something but if not be sure to let me know. Thanks.

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