Is Online Shopping Safe?


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Adrian Masters answered

As long as you stay with a reputable dealer you are fine. It is these small businesses that worry me. Are they legitimate or are they looking to rob you blind.

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Didge Doo answered

To a point. I've been buying odds-and-ends on line for years and the only time I ever had a problem was from a store that was in the process of being sold.

I use PayPal whenever possible -- it's very safe -- and have a separate credit card to use on line with a credit limit of $500. That way I don't have to risk my regular credit balance.

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Jason Levy answered

On-line shopping has become a part of our lives,everybody uses different  websites for shopping ,if you made any transaction you need to check website  profile or registration details also .If it is recognize than you say that online shopping is safe for us. 

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Terry Smith , Marketing Support for FireStoreOnline, answered

In shopping online you have to be very careful in every
transaction you make. Beware of scams. Don’t fall on websites that offers deals
that sound too good to be true. Shop only at the trusted websites.

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Arran Alston answered

Yes online shopping is safe
but you need to be careful too about the website you are choosing. Do make sure
it is a well-known website and use a separate credit card or PayPal account for

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Arafat Hossain answered

yeah but be carefull what website u go on
i suggest ordering from a well-known website

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Mickey Kelly answered

On line Shopping is safe. One has to be aware of the on line scams. Shop with trusted websites and also be aware of your card passwords during transaction.

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Try Again answered

it is safe according to the site. But you can't make sure from the quality just from a picture. I tried ones to buy online but it was a bad experience I spend money on things that looked good in the picture but no in real life so I stopped. 

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Robert Smith answered

Yes, Online shopping is safe but you want to careful about that what type of website you are using.  Sticking with popular brands is as good as any advice when shopping online. Not only do you know what you’re getting by way of quality and price, but you also feel more confident that these well-established names have in place robust security measures.

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Hanery Kroze answered

The 's' in https incidentally, stands for secure. Websites that use https are safe because they utilise SSL to encrypt any information that is distributed online, such as your credit card details.

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anil parab answered

Buying an insurance online is as safe as being any product online from any of the e-commerce web portals. In order to buy online insurance, all one needs to do is select the plan and furnish the insurer details and get the payment done. The policy is also generated online and shared on successful payment.

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Yes. Online shopping is safe. You should always look for the trustworthy websites and the websites having good quality for your shopping for example Jabong, Amazon, Myntra, Fabfurnish (specially for Furniture shopping)

Recently I have ordered home  and interior products from,,, PeppertFry and found it to be  safe and convenient to do my transactions and I received good service on all my orders.

You need to ensure that you select the right product and followup in case of any delay, but i feel online commerce has now become quite a stable option and can be depended upon.

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amar Mane answered
The comparison portals do all in this digital world and help to get best of the deals. One can find Turtlemint Online Insurance as one of the simple and easy to use and transparent among the rest of the online service providers. It also specified all the terms and conditions and shares the complete details.
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Dmitri Kara answered

Definitely not! Especially if you're not running an SSL, but even so, you can still get hijacked pretty badly.

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Shalini Randhawa , Fashion Designer at KalkiFashion, answered

I sometimes do feel that online shopping is not safe at all when I hear news about online hackers decoding credit card and debit card security features and ruining bank accounts of individuals in a matter of seconds. Online shopping therefore sometimes becomes unsafe.

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Not all sites are good but there are some good sites like hope you enjoy eshopping

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Pooja Vi answered

Yes, online shopping is pretty safe and worthy too. I have done shopping online many times and always enjoy shopping as i do get  discount coupons online while shopping. I never find it uncomfortable so my vote is for online shopping only.

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Mohit Saini answered

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Riya Benz answered

Yes Of Course! Online shopping is safe if you make your payments through secure sites and make a deal with the trusted merchants by going through the customer reviews.

Nowadays shopping sites are more and competitive. Usually, I prefer online shopping through Facebook/Whatsapp groups. Where we can find more new collections with trending models be updated as soon.

To be secured and make a useful shopping experience we must have the responsibility to filter the secured sites for the transaction. For the reason, I am recommending an app named Snapay. Through this app, our cash paid to the merchants will be in the snapay account till we receiving the product. After the product received we make a confirmation message to snapay. And after that, the cash will be delivered to the sellers. By using snapay confidently we can get an original product.

Also, you can pay unlimited amount transactions from your Credit/Debit card to any bank accounts through Snapay.

Install and try this. Click SNAPAY

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Remya Snapay answered

If you are not the user of Snapay app then for you online shopping is not very safe……

Snapay is a secure money payments app for online shopping Facebook Merchants and Buyers.

Facilities that included in Snapay are once the product delivered to the buyer, the confirmation message from the buyer will send to Snapay. After that confirmation message, Snapay will transfer the amount to the Merchant or else the money will be refunded to the Buyer's account.

You can also pay money from credit card to any bank account.

Install Snapay and try this. Click Snapay

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anuj mishh ,'s Safe, answered

Nowadays there are billions of online websites that are selling stuff. Some of the sites are very good & their main aim is to make the customer satisfied. There are also bad sites that are selling the Low & Cheap Quality Items. So, this is up to us, that what we choose. There is a Website called GoRevizon's. Just did some shopping at this, believe me, the Services they are providing are just Awesome. Especially Their Home Decors. Yes, you can also check these Fabulous Decors anytime at this:- Cheap Home Decor Online

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Online shopping is a part of our lives now because in day to day life we always make one or the other purchase online and to buy anything we have lot of options available online from many online portals, It is your part to select the best collection from a trusted store. Anyway lacks of people are shopping online and getting this so there is no question about the usage of online shopping safe or not. But yes, minimum checking of trusted stores and worthy payments process is important.

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Though online shopping is safe, you may find instances where the experience has not been all that great The major reason for the same is the fact that you don't get to see the actual product before you have completed the transaction and it gets delivered to you in a few days.

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