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A few years ago an Australian media journalist described Facebook as "technological Onanism". It was such an apt description that it stuck in my memory.

I had a Facebook account for a short time as a way if keeping in touch with the grandkids (who are mostly in their 20s) and some others but the … Read more

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If you are talking about entertainment I would prefer racetrack. Of course, I like gambling in general, especially casino, but I can play casino whenever I want just in two clicks, there are a lot of online platforms like this one (https://www.slotstars.co.uk/rainbow-riches-games/). But I can't go to a racetrak right now, … Read more

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*Edited* I forgot a few things.

1. Lack of respect and regard for others and human life.

2. Greed.

3. Selfishness.

4. Self-important syndrome.

5. Entitlement mentality.

6. "The customer's always right."

7. Lack of morals and values.

8. Laziness.

9. Impatience.

10. Drug usage.

11. Gangs.

12. Alcohol addiction/abuse.

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Oh he laid it on thick telling her all the usual things a girl would want to hear but she immediatly saw through his oleaginous BS and kicked him to the curb. She will never give him a second date.

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I stopped caring. I don't care if I'm good enough or not. Having narcissistic parents teaches you that you will never be good enough. That's a hard blow when it comes from the people who are supposed to believe in you. I separated, took stock, and gave myself the validation I was craving. I realized … Read more