Team blurtit, why do my notifications disappear? I only see two now and just an hour ago I had a full page. Also, my notifications seem to be stuck at 80. How to get them reset to 0?


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Ray Dart answered

My notifications are stuck on a mere 33. I feel hard done by.

The actual items that the notifications referred to (when I went to look for them) had all disappeared. (But a whole load of my comments also disappeared at the same time). Ghosts in the machine?

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

The darn notification system and the notifications themselves have been screwy for some time now. I know what you are saying as I've shown I had ten notifications and when I clicked on the page, I only showed three. That page that shows them has a problem and they all know about it now. Up to the owner to get the developer to fix that ! As far as the number up in the right? I'm stuck at 1008. Hopefully something will get done soon as we have been reporting this stuff and Kass has it all done. Hang in there. I usually read my comments in e-mail rather than depend on that page.

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Soul Fly
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Thanks Rooster. Hopefully the devs will have sometime to handle this. I guess we will wait and see. Not a huge deal but would be nice to see the change - Thanks for the response Rooster!
Rooster Cogburn
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Some of us have been on Kass and the dev for some time now. Kass meets with the site owner on the 25th and hopefully get some stuff going ! Some new stuff and fix the bugs !
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My notifications are stuck at 123, and have been for months. It's a problem that most users have and the admins know about it but haven't fixed it yet.

The notifications have been glitchy for me recently also. I'll get emails telling me someone commented and I have no notification for it. Hopefully, these will get fixed some day.

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Lard Ass answered

The notifications, or lack thereof, and the notification number being stuck is an ongoing glitch....mine are stuck at 340.....have yet to find a way to " unstick" them!

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Sometimes clicking on to each one of them gets rid of them. I just cleared mine out doing that.

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