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I like it a lot.  It's an interesting and fun place to interact.  I've encountered many great people here.

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

This is probably my most visited website. I joined when ask.com closed down, and I was accepted and became somewhat well known fairly quickly. I was on ASK for two or so years and noone really cared. Blurtit=Best site ever!!

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SuperFly Original
just a glitch "post" if you delayed to register, then "click click click" nothings happening --- a-few seconds later they all go through! its like opening a can of worms
SuperFly Original
Hey i can see it through the wayback machine right? just to see what it looks like.
SuperFly Original
Its cool because you can see how the website progressed long as the website is archived there. Like youtube, I missed the old youtube look.Google street view is actually doing that time view thing as well--I focused my home in street view and flipped through the years just to see it how it changed! google must have so many people working there probably on crack
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I can honestly say it's better than Yahoo answers because people on here are more friendly and actually read what you write! The only thing I hate is that the question box isn't longer but other than that I'm satisfied.

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SuperFly Original
I agree. I am NEVER going back to y/a until they implement a COMMENT NOTIFICATION. I mean what the hell? ive asked them to do it many times. People dont even bother talking because half the time no one comes back to reply. And because of that, they also dont post good answers. Whats the pointt in helping people out when the system is flawed... communities will treat them as well as they treat us.
SuperFly Original
but its too late now, I have no desire to switch --early bird gets the worm
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Jann Nikka answered

Love, Love Blurtit. Its FUN here ;)

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Matt Radiance answered

Here's beyond just a website! It's a community! A very friendly and warm community with very amazing people involved. I love it here! I try to involve as much as i can. I disconnected every account anywhere i've had except for two places! Here's one of them and the most priority reason for my decision is not lose contact with it's fantastic people. I learnt so many things from this community and i continue to do so.

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Woof Woofy answered

this is by far the best site i've found after sodahead closed last June.  I've met many incredible people on here. I love this place to the moon and back!! Its really warm and welcoming, simply the best community on the internet. (Everyone gets along, no fighting and drama, its great)

but ever since i joined. rooster has had a skunk problem in his backyard. a certain family sneaks in and takes his  steaks off the BBQ.

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