How accurate is your answers?


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Ray Dart answered

If there are statistics in there, I try to check and double check that they are right (and if I cannot be sure, I say so). If there is perceived scientific or historical FACT in there, then I always make sure that what I reply is as factual as I can make it (and usually double check out on the web if I can).

Almost anything else - well if I reply to get a laugh, or to be a bit thought-provoking and that requires some "enhancement" to my answer, then well perhaps I'm a little less "accurate" than at other times.

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Darik Majoren answered

I tend not to answer the "Black and White" answers unless I am positive of the Answer (usually regarding IT or PC questions). If I there is just general information that you can use to form your own answers, I will try to post a link to that information.

On Questions regarding world views and personal perspective, I am dead right every time . . . Since the answer is based off of my world view or personal perspective.

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otis campbell answered

Hey im here to have fun. So its a fifty percent chance you have a good answer from me. But a hundred percent you will be laughing

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Tom Jackson answered

All the answers above give you a correct sense of the general intent of all the people on here to be some combination---at different times---of being funny, thought provoking, helpful, dispositive, etc.

When it comes to answering a question seeking just information and I provide it, you can usually take that to the bank. If necessary, I will list any qualifiers in my answer.

If you want an opinion, if I have some knowledge or experience in the subject matter of the question I will give you what I honestly think.  If I totally agree with a given answer, I may provide you with a reasonable op-ed answer that I may have heard elsewhere.

If you want advice, I occasionally give that.  The nice thing about reality is that if you want to wind up northwest of where you are, you can go west first and then north, or north first and then west.  I try not to suggest that you go east first and then back up unless i have a really good reason for saying that. And in that case I will state it.

I try.  You get to decide if I was successful.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

We all try our best to give the best answers we can and we all have knowledge about different things. Or we'll put up a link where you can get the info you need. The rest of the time, some of us answer for comic relief. Hey ! It's good to laugh too ! I'd say the accuracy is pretty darn good and you'll get multiple answers at times for you to choose from.

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All my answers are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and sometimes I will go back edit or remove an answer if I feel its wrong. 

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