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When our youngest went to college in 2002, he wanted a "stick" shift.  We bought him a Ram truck with a manual transmission.

It was a new truck, and I insisted on regular maintenance.

It is now our back-up truck---incredibly relable even with almost 200,000 miles on it..

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While personal strengths vary, if you find yourself as an adult lacking both, it is easier to develop will power than to develop self-esteem.

If you lack self esteem, you already have a low opinion of yourself---which makes it harder to value yourself appropriately.

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Hey, MM

Never had it long enough to be diagnosed, but I've had it occasionally when muscles impinge on the nerve in my butt.

Over the years I've been assigned various stretches due to plantar fasciitis and "tight" hips.

Stretches can usually eliminate my issues when they occur (and admittedly, occurrences are infrequent).

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There are no live ingredients. For adults who are 65 and over and are otherwise healthy, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention currently recommend a one-time vaccination with the pneumonia shot and no booster shots. However, many doctors do give a second shot 5 to 10 years after theRead more

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@Saara McLanning Most members on here don't like questions and answers from anyone posting as "Anonymous"---especially when your real name shows up in your comments.