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Materialism---a tendency to consider material possessions and physical comfort as more important than spiritual values.

I'm against that meaning. 

From the Kung Fu TV series:  Get rid of everything that forces you to serve it---whether it be so humble as a pebble or as sacred as a chalice.

(I always liked that line---and according … Read more

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Yep.  Someone commented that Tim Conway never really needed a script---he could make anything funny.

I agree.

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The holiday was started by daughters Suffragist and writer Julia Ward Howe first suggested the idea of Mother's Day in the United States in 1872. Howe was a pacifist and saw the holiday as a chance to unite women and rally for peace. For several years, she held an annual Mother's Day meeting in Boston. … Read more
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I didn't have an opinion, Yin, so I did a little research and then a bit of contemplation.

My personal opinion at present is "No."

Given the reality of surrogacy, it is not implantation and growth of an embryo in a uterus that makes a woman mother; it is the relationship that exists … Read more