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My boyfriend just told me he is going to sleep with a hooker? I'm very hurt. I am 22yrs and he is now 54. We have been together for over 2 years. He is a sober alcoholic and addict of 14yrs, retired, and had a problem with escorts. I am a educated young girl who is a stylist who loves this man to death despite of his looks and age. It's been rough but he has seen escorts ever since he was young. I never had trouble finding a mate in bed so I never related to him on that aspect. It hurt me the time he said he was 'curious' going on escort websites. There were two incendents where he actually slept with them when we were having our downpoints in our relationship. Everytime we separate or have a break is because of the topic of escorts. I need help and opinions. We don't want to lose eachother. We have grown so much. For our upcoming 3rd year together we promised that if we are having a rough time with eachother doesn't mean we can just go sleep with someone else. I have always wanted that. I just can't believe he would do that to me when he slept with escorts knowing me. I am a very attractive girl. Some see us together and the first thought they have in mind is that I am using him for money because I am young with a skinny body and large around the chest and bum with a pretty face. I am in love with the person he is. I don't care about money or his toys! He doesn't look good for his age but doesn't mean he doesn't have a big heart. 

We had a fight tonight. We saw a video clip of a documentary of a man who have rape many women who worked in the army and met many power people in the world. I told him I don't want to watch the whole thing because as a child, many older man have taken advantage of me. He said we don't need to. I said that man in the clip is sick and others who are like him. My bf complimented that they should just go to strip clubs and fuck. My response made him mad, I said: men who do that are sick and can't get a normal girl in bed. He thought I was saying he was sick himself. All of the sudden he blurts out about how many guys I've been in bed with. And then I spoke about the hookers he been in contact with since he known me. 

He tried telling me to leave his house. I always have a panic attack when he does that after we have a fight about hookers. I kept telling him that I didn't see him like the sick man we saw in the clip. I forgave him for what he has done in the past. He forgave me for what I have done in the past: dating (dinner, lunch, hikes, walks, music) and sleeping with one man. I did that when I had a feeling he called a hooker after he took away our leased car that I used everyday for work. We live separate because of his OCD which he is diagnosed. 

It took us very long to forgive our actions. We still forgive but it hurts both of us if thought or spoken. We can't leave eachother because we have had three family memebers due recently, we lost 16lbs together, all our friends and town always sees us together every day holding hands. It hurt when we argued. This is one thing that sparked me the most is when he said: I'm going to sleep with hookers!' I replied: go ahead!!!! I don't care! You never wanted a real beautiful girlfriend who is always there when you have nothing or no one. You just use me. Your going to die alone and rely on escorts who sleep with fat people like you who die with diabetes.'

I apologized but felt so bad about what I said out of anger. He has told me a few times afterwards he doesn't want to sleep with hookers. Crazy thing is, we met up for breakfast today, weighed ourselves and both lost 6lbs combined together, I took him out for a $400 Japanese dinner, went to his place to shower and had sex for 5min and let him cum, and watch the documentary and BAMMM! The clip and comments came. I thought I was being the best gf ever. I have been the first person he has been with the longest, first to be engaged with, first who he helped get a lease for me, first to buy her a car, etc. this is someone in his 50s never married and no kids. I think we both know down the road with no rush we will be together no matter what. 

How can I over come his statement or him and escorts? I offer Sex every day. I live 10min away from him. I am ready to bounce in my car for him any time. This is a small problem. Who to women know there man is not interest with escorts anymore? 

This situation and all its ancillary issues is one of those things that cannot be successfully resolved without professional help.

I'm sorry for the necessity of posting such an inconvenient truth.

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There are 3 sentences in your question.

They are not connected in any obvious way.

Are you a virgin at 24 because of a moral conviction, or were your parents so scared of your being in a sexual relationship that they did not allow you sufficient interaction with females to develop sufficient comfort when being with them … Read more

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The deep sorrow (grief) that is caused by the loss of one's father frequently takes a long time to heal.

But "grieving" is a process that we humans use to deal with the grief we are feeling, and that grieving process can help the pain to lessen over time.

There are five widely recognized … Read more

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I have some difficulty with believing your IQ is 205.

People with such IQ's don't have miserable lives unless they choose to have one.

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The pain will become less intense and less frequently in your conscious awareness, but your loss is a very real injury to your person---and serious injuries always do take a long time to heal.

And you may well have instances in the future where the pain is temporarily as intense as it ever was.

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I'm sorry, but the judges do not accept your choice because a small appliance, small domestic appliance, and small electrics are portable or semi-portable machines, generally used on table-tops, counter-tops, or other platforms, to accomplish a household task. Examples include microwave ovens, toasters, humidifiers, and coffeemakers. God and I are wondering if this basic conflation … Read more
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I looked up the definitions jut for kicks: household appliances--electrical machines that help in household functions such as cooking, cleaning and food preservation and favorite---preferred before all others of the same kind.

A dishwasher and a refrigerator rank too close for me to call, so I will wimp out and say the dishwasher is … Read more

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Not sure why you are asking, so it's hard to decide what to say.

I don't read books per se anymore, and I read about pretty much all of the things I had major interests in by the time I was about 40.

But aside from technical stuff, reading as a hobby was never … Read more