Hey Blurtit people! I'm back after a really, really, REALLY long time! :D But my birthday is in less than a month. I'll be 16 :P What are some easy and simple birthday things to do with a few good friends?


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For a birthday of a friend of mine, we set up a huge evening bon fire and placed pizza and drinks on the lift gates of our trucks and jeeps. It was a great time. Another time, we gathered around for swimming and water gun/waterball fights around his pool. Pizza and the movie Avengers followed in the evening darkness. Hmm, my friends and I liked pizza alot.

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What do you and your friends enjoy doing?  What will your finances and parents allow you to do?  I would talk to your friends about this and all of you decide what would be fun.

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Hi!  It's so good to see you!  🎂  It's early, but Happy Birthday!

I love sitting around a campfire!  You could go to a nearby park and have a cookout.  🌭🍔🌽  The park may offer other things to do.  We have a badminton set that's easy to transport when there's not much onsite.  Have fun!

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Kioyre S.
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Thanks, Happy :D Seems like having a good time outdoors is a very popular idea! I'll let you guys know if that happens!
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April is a great month. Summer is hot. Winter is cold. Spring and fall are wonderful. :)
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How long were you gone? Welcome back and happy---early sweetsixteenth!

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Kioyre S.
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Thanks, SuperFly! I think I was gone for abut a year...? I'm not 100% sure of the time, but I'm so happy to be back! I missed a lot of people here (:
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Hi Kiorye! Welcome back and Happy birthday! What about a backyard barbeque? With maybe volleyball, co rn hole, or horseshoes, or some type of yard games. Hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken and cake!

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KIOYRE !  It's great to see you back again and going to be 16 ! On your way to being a real lady ! I would just have some of your best friends over and watch a good comedy and laugh and have fun ! Turning 16 is a special birthday ! Do what you like to do best and just have fun and be happy ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! :))))

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Kioyre S.
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ROOSTER! I missed ya! Maybe I will have a movie or two or three, haha. Thank you!
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Whatever you do, just have fun ! I hope you get time to stay around. We've sure missed you young lady ! :)
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Hey girl, how have you been. I've missed you.

How about movie night with a taco/sundae bar? You can project the movie on a blank wall and have tacos with all the fixings. After dinner set up a sundae station with all the fixings for that too.

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Hey Kioyre welcome back!
You should decide some games by voting
When is your birthday?

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