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Trumps great business mind and carefully planned tactics should put America in a good spot, as for the Muslims... Well I wont comment on them right now cuz I'm in the mood for building up, not tearing down. But some stuff in the Quran is questionable, like where it talks about chopping the heads  off … Read more

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Muslims are people like any other people, some people refer to Muslims like they are something different than normal humans. Islam is a religion and has cons and pros like any other religion (i'm not religious at all) even Christianity has flaws and talks about blood shedding and extreme actions. I have several Muslim … Read more

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I have no problems with the Muslims I know and talk too. They've been all classified as terrorists by narrow minded people like Trump. There are bad people in all religions and all races. Just a fact of life. I guess it's mainly because all the terror acts lately have been by Muslims but that's … Read more