Should users on Blurtit be subject to random grammar testing?

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Jann Nikka answered

Ani't gonna hapen.

People come here for help, encouragement and answers to some of life's problems.

People don't come here to be critiqued, humiliated corrected or harassed when a word or an answer is not to someone's liking or it is not grammatically correct with placement of adverbs, verbs, adjectives and the sentence structure, or proper placement of punctuation and question marks.

I myself have only basic knowledge, understanding and as all well know a very limited vocabulary.

Please don't police or ban me because of my low intelligence and poorly structured sentences. 

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Didge Doo answered

Nah. My grammar's not bad but sometimes if I go back and re-read an old post I'm surprised at how many errors have crept through -- and some of them are huge.

The trouble is that my fingers suffer from DTAS and if they're in a rebellious mood when I post to the Internet they're likely to type whatever they want, just to be contrary.

And DTAS? That's Digital Teen Age Syndrome. >;-/

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

NO ! Not at all ! That's going a bit too far. The three of us try our best to clean up spelling and grammar here but many of the people on this site are from all over the world and English is not their first language. We have enough to do without adding something like that to our duties. We'll do what we can but that's it. Blurtit is a free use site and some mistakes will be over looked or helped. But that's it.

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SuperFly Original
Every move you make..... every step you take....... ill be correcting you.....
SuperFly Original
Btw I hit edit button by mistake Rooster. Incase that shows.
SuperFly Original
I share this affliction. I am just representing our point of view for Zack --- on that last comment. I always find it strange how being on google is the only place where my "spell corrector" works any good. Everywhere els it has terrible corrections upon right clicking.....
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Tom Jackson answered

Deciding how to apply certain obscure rules of grammar can be time consuming for those of us who do not write little "pearls of wisdom" on a regular basis.

Then too, we are writing things that we would normally answer orally; and oral communication contains various emphases that are conveyed by tone, volume, and pause, etc..

The use of punctuation and grammar to convey the same is neither an exact science nor a perfected art.

Now that I've thought this through out loud, I can live without such random testing.

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Ancient Hippy answered

Dat be nun yo job.

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

Hahaha, good one. Most of us would fail miserably and I'll be one of the first to go with commas and semicolons all over the place not to mention any possible run on sentences and Blurtit would sadly disappeared into Oblivion and we would all be sad.

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I'm turning myself in right now because I like texting lingo. Not here, of course, but when texting.

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otis campbell answered

Oh no i would be kicked off the site. Im old and losing my mind and my body so please forgive me

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