How do i add a photo to my question on blurtit using my mobile device?


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Post as answer. You can see me here as an example:

See after clicking photo insert, you look through all the files like TV shows, S.A.D video sample files, screenshots, ect. You just locate the picture you need.

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I choose the file I want to upload but when i confirm it I dont see a picture in my answer
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This is usual because the size is too large. Try doing this: right click the photo. open with > paint (microsoft paint). After it opens in paint, click the "resize" button toward the top left area of the buttons and color options. Then when the box opens click the "pixels" option. Change the number to say 1200 pixels in the top box (the second one should change on its own) and click "OK". Then click file > save. Then exit the program.

Try posting the picture then. Does it appear?
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You can also check the size first if you want. Just right click picture and select "properties" "details" and it should show you the pixels. Some of my cameras take like "4200x3096 pixels" + so they dont work here. I just resize them and they work.
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