When i try to answer a question on blurtit a error message in red pops up telling me i didnt enter a answer?


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More than likely you missed something. Only time I see something like that is when the language filter acts up. Are you sure you're getting your name in first? Then answering and clicking Answer? If this continues, let me know and I'll send a report in.

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Huh  did you ever get inserting pictures and stuff to work?  Sounds like a bug?

Did you resolve this yet?

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Johnny Bravo
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No, I did not resolve my issue with the inserting image problem. It lets me choose a image file but I can't upload it to the answer for some reason and this answer error happens randomly, sometimes works sometimes does not.
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Yes I commented about how it is likely the image being too large. Here is me having your same problem and resolving it: https://youtu.be/g3Zdr8kbvIc I chose a random resize but you can choose any acceptable image resizing ratio.

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