How do I write a helpful answer on Blurtit?


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Arun Kumar , play game, answered

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Dan Banks , Blurtit community manager and very helpful answerer! , answered

There are numerous points to consider when writing answers on Blurtit:

The most important thing to remember, is to try and get your point across as soon as you can. Any additional information you have should be provided after.

How do I write helpful answers on Blurtit?

  • Try to write as clearly as you can. A Blurtit user is far more likely to find your answer helpful if it's easy to understand.
  • Answer length is important. The more relevant information you can provide, the better.
  • Format your questions by using sub-headers, paragraphs and bullet points - like I've done here. Laying out your answer in this way makes it easier for another member of the Blurtit community to digest.
If you can remember these few pointers whilst writing your answers then fellow Blurtit users should find your content very helpful!

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