PLEASE HELP ME how do you delete a notification on blurtit??? I posted the longest word in english and it's messing it up!!! HELP


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Do you mean the notifications number keeps showing?  This glitch was in the program for a long time.  Try this.  Go to your notifications.  At the bottom, click to show more.  Go all the way through the list before returning to the main page.  That usually works.

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Mettaton EX
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Remember when I put the longest word in english? It's messing up my notification page. I've edited my answer, but it's still there.
HappyTo BeHereTo
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Oh.!!! That's probably just showing you that you edited/deleted. That's not a glitch or problem. It'll just go lower and lower in your list of notifications. Eventually you won't see it.
Yeah, whenever you edit your question, you get notified of what you did.
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I asked Rooster Cogburn to clear my notification page. Hopefully he does it.
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I just went on my notification page, and it's gone. Yay!!! :)

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