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Google everything for me! Gmail, Google calendar, Google chrome, it's just more convenient having one account for so many different applications. My tablet, being a Samsung, uses the Google voice command thing, I often use it for random searches or when my hands are a little dirty.

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I had a pet rock.

It was VERY undemanding.

It was totally loyal and VERY obedient. I could ask it to "stay" in the morning and it would not have moved until I got home in the evening.

It was a bit unfeeling though and appeared not to care at all about my broken wrist.

It was … Read more

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That would be my first cat I got as an adult. Her name was Tabitha and I had her 17 years. She was 15 when my son was born and she definitely did not like my son. I put netting over the crib when we got the crib put together to prevent her from jumping … Read more