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Anyone use or know anything about CBD oil?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Yes, I've used it before but I have a medical card that legally lets me use it. I haven't bothered with it in some time now but it does have some great usages.

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PJ Stein answered

I belong to a group for holistic care for Boxer dogs. There are several people on there using it for their dogs who have seizures. They all have had great success with it. It seems to control the seizures better and it doesn't have the side effects that phenobarbital.

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carlos Striker answered

CBD oil claim to ease the chronic pain. (They use tricky grease in CBD, if you shake hands immediately count your fingers.)

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KB Baldwin answered

I've use a CBD product named "Sleepy Time" and it works qiuite well. 

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Hello! Yes, I use it every day. It is good natural treatment for depression, stress and anxiety. It is quite popular thing, you can find many information about in internet. If you will decide to buy and try some CBD products I recommend to choose brand carefuly to avoid fakes. I can recommend cbd juul pods brand from my personal experience, they provide good products.

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Kira Smart answered

CBD oil is mostly used by people for pain. It helps to reduce pain, inflammation and other health conditions of the body. I personally used this oil and found very effective. But you can consult your family doctor for its usage and is it good or not for your health. Because I heard it have some side effects also - you can read on them here

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It's one of the many way to take cannabidiol and could have many health benefits. If you want to use another kind of product (edibles, capsules, isolate...) CBD based you could have a look at this article, you will find here an accurate explanation about it

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David NU answered

I am using CBD oil for a while now and it has provided me with many health benefits. I take CBD oil for joint swelling concluding that CBD has the potential to reduce swelling and relieve pain due to arthritis without any evident side effects. Surprisingly, Scientific research study also shows that CBD products are actually helpful in reducing many ailments.

Bottom line about CBD - We need to learn a lot about CBD.

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Alvin Ailey answered

Yes, I used it from last month. It is the best Oil for our health problems. CBD Oil is cannabinoid oil. The name cannabinoid is derived from the cannabis plant. CBD Oil can also be extracted from Hemp which is an industrial form of cannabis. CBD oil is legal in 2 states. Some benefits of CBD Oil are as follows:

1.  It helps to manage anxiety. It may also improve brain health.

2.  It is also decreasing the effects of anxiety such as heart rate.

3.  CBD oil is also treating for Alzheimer’s disease.

4.  With the regular use of CBD Oil, it helps to manage muscle pain, chronic pain etc.

5.  CBD Oil is also beneficial for maintaining the immune system. It helps to reduce acne also.

6.  CBD Oil also prevents cancer cell growth.

After reading a lot about CBD Oil, I especially recommended this product. Purchase best CBD Hemp Oil from

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Hanna Whilson answered

Cbd oil has been recently proved to be very useful for people who suffer from pain, anxiety, stress, depression and different disorders. Some people call it "hemp oil", but frankly speaking, these are not the same things. Cbd oil contains THC that makes you feel "high", and it is used for medicinal andrecreational purposes. Hemp oil is THC-free and is used in food as a supplement. In case you want to find out more about the difference between them, I recommend to look through the article cbd oil vs hemp oil. Hope it helps!

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