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The State of Israel is an ideology, many orthodox Jews will tell you it is not Torah driven. The State of Israel came about from the Balfour declaration.  The trouble Trump caused was because Palestinians share Jerusalem with Jews. However, because the british did not make boundaries clear the Jews havetaken more than the marked … Read more

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Ahh . . It's Marsha and Greg Brady ALL over again!

Incest is direct blood relatives . . . A step brother is usually a brother from another marriage by law and not by blood.

She could sleep with a third cousin and still be safe from incest . . . So I am unsure as … Read more

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Stay away from that website.

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Step bother is not blood related. There is no incest involved.

Not the best decision but nothing wrong here!

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Trump is not the only individual encompassed in the investigation. If laws were broken, the case can (theoretically) continue until all parties involved would be facing justice. 

As President, Trump cannot be tried in civilian courts. 

Politics in the US is such that it is doubtful anyone will face jail time. Certainly Trump will not. Few rich … Read more

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I recall drinking beer when I was 4 or 5.  Gobel Beer came in small cans - maybe 7 or 8 ozs.  I remember drinking the beer ans then throwing the empty can off the porch onto the lawn.  I guess I was  training for the White Trash Olympics. 

Didn't try pot until I was … Read more