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That is a matter of personal choice. There is nothing wrong with making the first move. It is not a show of "weakness" .. In fact it would be the more grown up and responsible thing to do. If this relationship is serious enough to work for then it's serious enough to swallow your pride … Read more

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Hi Aldrich,

I have been experimenting with letting go of words, and my thoughts form as mental concepts just assembling themselves...

Regarding your fascinating question, maybe it is not even all that common to form lots of mental images. Temple Grandin, Ph.D. who is autistic and whose superb work with cattle depends on her autistic manner of … Read more

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I'm so used to being in my own little world that I never actually thought about this, but I assume not. You might have some difficulty in certain social situations, but otherwise I see nothing "bad" with it. Though thanks for introducing me to the subject. Maybe something similar is the reason some people pick … Read more

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its different for everyone.. I have social anxiety.. Mainly because i feel inferior towards everyone (i feel low about myself compared to others and not good enough to have friends), and i feel different from most because of my learning disability. (mainly panic when someone tries to socialize with me. depending on the person).. 

my … Read more

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This is a very interesting question. Private family arrangements that kept the child in the community has always been the preferred of Black American Society, because White people were distrusted to properly raise a Black child. However there were definitely Black children in American orphanages, some specifically for Black children and others that were funded … Read more