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Should the concept of zoos should be nullified?


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I do not support zoos .. period.  In my opinion they should be abolished completely. Zoos don't seem to care one way or another about how their animals are attained, and often provide less than adequate environments for them.

No animal should endure the ridiculous and barbaric methods used to not only attain these animals but to confine them.

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Bikergirl Anonymous
I can't agree more ... In fact, with all the laws that have been created to help and protect animals, I can't believe that their treatment of their animals is even allowed. The environment they provide for their 'wild life' is criminal, in my opinion .. all for the sake of 'entertainment' ... I also can't believe how many people still support them by paying to see their facility and shows. Animals being mistreated and confined in inadequate facilities. It makes me sick.

It's abborrent and sooo frustrating that nothing can be done about it .. and for the record, I too, will never go back there.
HelpStop AnimalAbuse
In the animal shelter that I work at I see animal abuse on a daily basis. We have inspectors who follow up on complaints of Animal abuse & if needed can seize any abused animals &
prosecute the offenders through the court system. The penaltys for animal abuse are generally a joke & many offenders walk out of court with a small fine.

Occasionally there is a case where Karma steps in & the offender gets what he deserves.

About 9 months ago a girlfriends partner (I can't use the word "Man") dropped into a chemist on the way home & their puppy escaped from the car & ran into the Chemist. The boyfriend got angry & punched the puppy 34 times in the head. Luckily the attack was caught on the chemist CCTV. He was arrested & charged with animal cruelty & we prosecuted him through the courts.He was convicted & his sentence was:

- 7 months imprisonment
- Banned from owning any animal for life
- Ordered to pay the puppy's vet & boarding costs
- Fined $5000

This punishment is very rare but fortunately we had the entire assault on CCTV.

I was in charge of the rehabilitation (Both Physically & Psychologically) of Tiger (His name) & I worked one on one with other staff & am pleased to report that he was returned to the owner after about 6 weeks & is doing well.

It never ceases to amaze me how animals, despite being terribly physically & psychologically abused still find a way to trust other humans again.
Bikergirl Anonymous
Now THAT is what I like to hear .. the stiff penalty handed out to someone who savagely abuses an animal like that. THAT reafirms my demininishing faith in humanity to do the right thing in terms of justice.
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Pepper pot answered

Yes. Wildlife parks are different they have more space and look to getting animals back in the wild. Still I have seen some pretty awful conditions in them too, animals in such a small cage they have developed stress related behaviour such as weaving. Still it's normal behaviour in an adnormal environment.. 

..still, that applies to people too.

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PJ Stein answered

Many of the animals in the zoos were born there and do not have the skills to live in the wild. Should animals be kept in cages? No. They should have areas similar to their natural habitat. 

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Bikergirl Anonymous
Yes, animals often are born in captivity .. which is irrelevant in terms of how they live out their lives. Sure, they get fed regularily, and probably even get medical care when needed .. but, they remain captive in what most often is deemed as 'unfit' for any animal. A prison is a prisoner.
Bikergirl Anonymous
Their needs are not a priority .. their monitary 'worth' is. They are deprived of what nature has hard wired them to do and interact with others of their own kind, as well as with other creatures in the wild.
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Tom Jackson answered

No, but possibly reveresed.

I met a few people that should be on display so that they can be easily recognized and avoided.

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Michael Poland answered

Virtural Realities Zoos in the future.

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Taila Nevado answered

I do not think that the concept of zoos should be nullified
as they help to preserve endangered species in various countries. Visiting it is also a good
recreational activity to enjoy with family and friends. One of the most
important advantages of zoos is the fact that the animals are loved and cared

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carlos Striker answered

At the rate the animals are killed for fun. Zoo is the only place future generation will get to see them animals.

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