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If you have the chance to become the ruler/leader of your country what would you do first? And why?


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Ancient Hippy answered

I would build myself a castle, have a room full of wenches and have the fanciest hippie throne that you've ever seen.

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PJ Stein answered

Eliminate the Republican and Democratic parties. The extremist of these parties have  taken control of our politicsand are not only dividing the US, but stalling any progress.

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Zac Emmit , EQUAL RIGHTS !!!!!, answered

If i was given such opportunity i would have loved to become a leader of such a country where equal rights were not given to LGBT community ! I as a leader would have then made laws and orders for this communities freedom ! This would have made easy for such community to live proudly and respectfully .


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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

I would secure the border then rebuild the military. There would be many things I would do, but without national security, those things don't matter quite as much. Secondly, I would make Mountain Dew the official drink of the country.

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Anonymous , Buckwheat, answered

Pick a good vice presdent that will help me out.

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Make everyone accountable for their actions. Everyone must contribute to their societal environment in one way or another. 

I can also tell you what I won't do

Certainly WONT be throwing big extravagant parties/celebrations with taxpayers money .. Money that should be earmarked to pay for support and services of our citizens ( primarily the elderly and military) 

WONT be increasing taxes to subsidize and pay incessant salaries of government employees (especially elected officials) , or office buildings. 

 ... Then I would "clean house" so to speak the next day! 

Donald Trump's Hair Is Lovely Profile

Well,as you can see, I had the chance, and am getting the chance, very soon, now. Wish me luck. Oh....how does my hair look? You like the wind-swept look, anyone?

Haven't decided what to do first. Probably have a dump and a bologna sandwich, some Jack Daniels, and a bite of Melania, to start the day off right. Aaahhhhh!

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