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Look at your roots. Look at your upbringing and life experiences.

Were there any particular "rites of passage"?

Think about the way that others see you.

What skills do you have, both practical and social?

What have you achieved? What do you wish to achieve?

A couple of well-written paragraphs on each of these, carefully linked together, Job … Read more

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During some parts of the year, California generates up to 80% of its energy from renewable sources. But it varies because renewable sources can be unreliable: If there isn't enough wind or sun or water then it might not be there, and non-renewable energy has to serve as a backup.

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Renewable energy requires a large initial investment to bring online, and most existing power companies are still entrenched in fossil fuel consumption for their profits.

As long as there is coal to rip from the earth and oil to suck out of it, and profits made to distribute to politicians, and little public unity against … Read more

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Well,as you can see, I had the chance, and am getting the chance, very soon, now. Wish me luck. Oh....how does my hair look? You like the wind-swept look, anyone?

Haven't decided what to do first. Probably have a dump and a bologna sandwich, some Jack Daniels, and a bite of Melania, to start the day … Read more

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Make everyone accountable for their actions. Everyone must contribute to their societal environment in one way or another. 

I can also tell you what I won't do

Certainly WONT be throwing big extravagant parties/celebrations with taxpayers money .. Money that should be earmarked to pay for support and services of our citizens ( primarily the elderly and … Read more