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Does anyone live in Arizona? I've been in Louisiana my entire life and never went out of state so I'd like to know what it's like.


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I've not lived there, but I have family there.  I enjoy Arizona, but not in the summer.  Too hot for me!  After awhile, I do tire of the desert, and long for trees.

The area around Sedona is gorgeous.  The desert colors, especially at sunset are breathtaking.  The cost of living is a bit higher there.  I've not been to Phoenix, but Tucson was nice.

Of course there's the big tourist sites, such as The Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Saguaro NP (cool looking cactus, looks like they're surrendering), and Canyon de Chelly.  Each is like a visual oasis, a break from miles of flat sand.

Here's an overview.

It's not my first choice to put down roots, but I always enjoy my trips.

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Nope ... Nobody lives in Arizona, at all.  It's a myth.  They just use it as a mailing address.  They really live on other planets.

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Arizona is world-renowned for its dramatic beauty, a combination of rugged mountains and vast desert landscapes. The sixth-largest state by area and the 14th largest in terms of population, Arizona is indeed beautiful–but it’s much, much more than that.

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