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That depends on the relationship.

If you can, keep it friendly.  Talk out how you want everything split, and share an attorney who will draw up and file all the appropriate papers.

If you can't keep it friendly ... And there are kids ... Keep the best interests of the kids in mind.

If you can't keep it … Read more

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A better question is ... Why does anybody believe what they read online?  Especially as far as relationships?

As to dating ... We are supposed to date multiple people.  It is the only way to decide what type of person we want to eventually settle down with.  We don't have long enough lifespans to only date … Read more

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Why should they buy food for the household?
They are buying the food for themselves and their child.

As far as helping pay for utilities and rent - yes, they should pay their equal share.  If they are no longer doing so - send them a 3-day notice to pay or vacate, just as if you are … Read more

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Walt is it right. If she is complaining about others to you, that is fine and normal. It means she feels safe enough to let you see her vulnerable side. It is part of being in a meaningful relationship.  If you can't deal with that then walk away from the relationship. You are too immature … Read more