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Walt O'Reagun answered Anonymous' question

Nobody really answered your questions ... But the answer is "Probably".

Why?  Because even though you are technically an adult, you are living in their house.  So if they tell you to go to rehab and you don't, they can kick your arse to the curb.

Walt O'Reagun
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Here's a little English language lesson for you:

We don't say "my cousin deja my cousin neshia"

We say "my cousins Deja and Neshia".

Walt O'Reagun
Walt O'Reagun answered Taila Nevado's question

My friend has been asking me for the last couple weeks, since her dad wants to know an idea.  I keep telling her "Nothing".

Finally, last night I said: "Okay.  A throwing knife or a dirk."

She wanted to know why.

"To use on people who annoy me by asking the same question repeatedly."