Is it ok to smoke cigarettes while taking blood thinners (such as ELIQUIS)?


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No you shouldn't. Drinking alcohol or smoking can increase your risk of bleeds or clots. Avoid if possible and speak to your G.P. Or pharmacist if you are struggling.

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Yin And Yang answered

Two things stand out to me......

What is the reason for taking blood thinners? Chances are it has something to do ultimately with the heart or lungs. So smoking should be avoided. If you can not stop smoking your doctor should have something like a patch he can prescribe.

If you are asking about drug interactions between cigarettes and the blood thinner it is best to talk to the pharmacist. Medications are their speciality. A doctor is gonna tell you to quit of course because you are his patient but a pharmacist will tell you from a medication point of view.

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That depends on a couple of things .. First and foremost, the advise of your doctor. You need to educate yourself on it and it's side effects...discuss it with your doctor and make an informed decision on taking any medication.

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Tom Jackson answered

Smoking is contraindicated while taking blood thinners---as is being around second hand smoke.

Any pharmacist would be able to give you more information.

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