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How did you meet your best friend?


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Veronica Dultry answered

The girlfriend of one of my guy friends. We hated each other on sight. In the interest of self preservation we became friends. Then we learned to like each other and finally realized we loved each other.

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Veronica Dultry
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We are very different in life. But we love each other dearly.
Veronica Dultry
Veronica Dultry commented
So now it might be what kept us close, but on the outset no we hated each other. Strong word. I still get my hackles up when I think about it, and we've been friends for 30 years. That witch. Lol
Yin And Yang
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LOL! :0)
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Toni Pauze answered

At the telephone company 49 years ago. Friends from day one! Sad to say she died last week. I will miss her something terribly, she was closer than my sister.  :(

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Ancient Hippy answered

She's a neighbor and was my wife's best friend. After my wife passed, she helped me deal with the sadness and we became very close. Now, we do everything together and her husband calls me her second husband.

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Yin And Yang answered

My best friend is my husband. We officially met over a CB radio! LOL! My sister and I went to go meet his cousin and he happened to be visiting his cousin that weekend. As the years went on we learned that as young children we actually went to go see the same Santa Clause and creepy Easter Bunny. His uncle lived three doors up from my best friend at the time and he had an aunt who's mother lived on the same street I did for over 8 years! LOL! Our paths have always crossed somehow.

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At my rural landfill site. She worked there.

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She's been in my homegroup since we started high school in grade 8.  I was twelve and decided that she was weird, and that I would avoid her at all costs because she wore long sleeves.  Fast track about a month, and we talked and I decided that I really like her.  Turns out, she's more normal than I am, albeit a bit weird in a fun way, and I love her.  I knew this before then, but that made me realise that first impressions are not always true, and I try my best to disregard any that I have.

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Dumb Goat answered

I got her from the animal shelter. 🐾

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They're the best friends. I've got about 2,000 canine friends & about 3,000 feline friends at the shelter currently not to the mention our, sheep, horses, pigs,goats,chickens,ducks,geese,,pocket pets & some good human friends as well!!!! 😂

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