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As the devil, how would you get people to follow you? And may I just say how amazing you all look today :)


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Mountain Man answered

The way you just did by being kind and complimenting them.  :)

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Well, as you know, I am majorly considered the devil, but as you also know, people have no choice but to follow me.

This question was made for me. Btw.................thanks for thinking I look amazing. You LIKE that major wind-swept look, do ya? Well, I'll be damned!!!

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That works. I'm following you.

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Darik Majoren answered

Let's see . . In the classical sense the only power I would have would be my power of deception. On a supernatural scale this would be altered perception of reality. What better way to score legions of followers then to create a bunch of religions that have mass amounts of people, throughout history, committing their lives to me, killing in my name, and all under the pretense of "Doing Good and serving their version of the one true God" . . . It would be the ultimate deception . . . And worthy of the ultimate deceiver.

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Michael Poland answered

Thank You.

I'd rather be Bugs Bunny.

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