lady horse

I asked a question before I signed in. Where did it go?


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Darik Majoren answered

Not sure . . . Did you hear a bell . . . "Teacher says, every time you hear a bell a Question gets its wings . . . "

Might have flown the coop . . .

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Tom Jackson answered

If you haven't signed in first, I think it doesn't post.

Sequence is important.

Firstname Refreshme lastname Profile

Could be a glitch...that happens on here occasionally.

Probably went zooming into the eternal cyperspace somewhere.

Try posting it again. G-luck.

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Hi Lady Horse.  Sometimes questions go under TOPICS and don't show up under the NEW page. And I didn't see your name under TOPICS. Chances are if your question went through before you signed in, it may be under anonymous. There is also a chance it didn't go through if you weren't signed in. I'm not sure but try asking again after you are signed in and we'll try to help.

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lady horse
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I was advised it had been asked...I did ask again...have you changed your name?? I almost said "Hi" to the other name 'til I saw "Troy..." next to the picture. The information was known over a year ago and still has not been on the six o'clock news that I am aware.
Mountain  Man
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You can still call me Mountain Man or MM if you like. Tim, the owner of Blurtit, wanted everyone to use their real name, or at least a real sounding name. I use my first and middle name. As far as your question, I was unaware of that.
lady horse
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Okay MM...I just typed you a message about Congress but you have to follow me before I can send it to you. It's okay if you don't want to. I just learned not to say too much out in the open 'cause it stirs up disputes. I don't have time for that anymore. I was cut down enough.

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