I buy my clothes in lots, I need to make sure I buy everything needed for all occasions. What clothes will I need for formal, casual, parties, and any other occasions?

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- solid color t-shirts

- jacket

- skinny jeans

- denim cuffed shorts

- solid color skirts

- canvas shoes or sandals


- cocktail dress

- kitten heels (or higher if you can manage 😄)


- gown dress

- patent heels


- rainy days: Clear rain jacket (so you can still show off your outfit)

- solid color rain boots

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They are all hideous! 😝

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I would tell you to give priority for the comfort first as it is much more important than just choose the collection from the online stores which match the occasion, i suggest you to choose the best one as your mind says rather than taking suggestions from other, i know it may help you in the worse case but suggestions in these on what you should buy can confuse you also. So just choose the best outfit for any occasion using fashion coupons and get everything in best price.

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