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I agree with their views.  Once i get a job and move away from my parents, I might switch to being vegan as well! Right now , we can't afford the extras (protein powder, variety of food) to maintain my athletics though. I heard that living as a normal person, it would be easier on … Read more

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To burn fat, it is necessary to get your heart-rate up for a sustained period while consuming fewer calories than you burn. A program of healthy diet and exercise is the typical plan of action.

While we can’t determine what is “too hard”, a physician can help you determine what would be an effective course … Read more

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Willpower is a "Character Trait" . . . It is based on a great many things you experienced in your childhood as well as traits passed down from your parents.

You can work on being more assertive and always try to achieve a positive outlook . . . But cravings have the help of your … Read more

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The body is capable of removing such small particles from the lungs on its own.

If you did inhale some, it was probably an insignificant amount.

If you don't start feeling better in a day, you might want to call your doctor.

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There's a chance.

But it likely isn't anything to be too concerned about ... We inhale lots of particles (dust, pollen, pollutants) every day.

If you're still concerned about it, you could go to your doctor and have an x-ray done of your lungs.

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Yikes. I'm sorry, but there's no way for that. Probably unless you unadd them or something. This is because everything on Snapchat is saved on a cloud, so it can be accessed from more than one device.

This is also the reason why Kik the messaging app deletes everything and resets. There's no cloud, so … Read more

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Yes. Nowadays I always try to sleep at 10-ish (and get up for school at 6:00), but sometimes I get carried away with either a) homework, b) social media, or c) showering late with wet hair, and end up sleeping at 12-1:00am. I can get up, but halfway through the day I’ll find myself wanting … Read more

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Dehydration. The air is super dry there, and the sun glaring down on you all day, with no shade to stay in, means your body will eventually sweat out a lot of its water content.

Also, you probably won’t be able to find food in the near-barren land, so you’ll starve too.

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Maybe he does want you, but he’s afraid of commitment or any changes (to you or to his situation at home) that come with a long distance relationship. After all, you are living so far from each other. But also, are you sure he doesn’t have another girl at home? I know he says he … Read more