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I think you are over thinking it. Most of my relationships lasted 6 months or less. It wasn't out of fear of falling in love, it was the knowledge that the person wasn't someone I wanted to make a life long commitment with. If you aren't sure after 6 months, then you will never be … Read more

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If we keep thinking of living the next day, you miss all the things that happening in the "Now" . . . Live in the "Now"  . . . In the moment as "Z" said.

You only get one chance in this life, live it like you mean it.

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Live in the moment.

None of us is guaranteed anything, celebrate what you have now, anything could change tomorrow.

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If your half-brother is an adult than I would suggest getting a hold of him but if he's still a minor you might want to think twice about telling him until he's of age.

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While she is correct that it is illegal for you to have access to another patient's information without their consent ... The instant they hooked your father up to that IV, it became part of his medical record.  So if you have permission to access his medical information, you have every right to take … Read more

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So I am at the hospital with my dad. I look up at his IV and see a label with a birthday that wasn't my dad's. THE LABELS WERE FOR ANOTHER PATIENT ON MY DADS MEDICATION BAGS WHICH ONE BAG ALREADY WENT INTO HIM LAST NIGHT! So I immediately call for the nurse to explain … Read more

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Absolutely nothing you described sounds strange. Sounds really average, actually, just like every other guy I know at my school.

Maybe you need to get away from those people (bullies) in particular. Ive been in a few classes where it was amazingly just full of bullies, and everyone else fits in by singling out a … Read more

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Don't worry about it. As long as you're not messaging him at 5am or 11 at night, you're not doing anything wrong.

Just be sure to thank him for his time and mention that you want to do well (what you said here) after you are done. I don't see how a teacher can be … Read more