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Um...Well you don’t say? offense but chill out with the philosophy. What’s your point? It’s fact that patterns exist. You can figure out if you like someone as a friend, romantically, or if you don’t like them at all. Maybe you just admire her because she is want you want to be. She’s a role … Read more
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LOL this is a really immature answer, but as a teen you can always try the good old taking a bunch of “Do I have a crush?” quizzes online. You can always compare your results across the board.

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1) yes, buy new underwear to start with.

2) sounds like it might be a behind-problem, and there’s stick-on pads for that so you don’t get anything on your underwear. You just toss them every few hours, put a new one on.

3) if it’s not that, get a bidet attachment so you can clean yourself … Read more

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Tom Jackson could be correct.

Or it could be that you don't wipe enough, after "doing #2".

It could also be that you have a problem with body odor, and need "clinical strength" deodorant / antiperspirant.

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Sounds like you have signs of the dreaded affliction know as "anal leakage."

I've heard it is a horrible problem to have---especially at such a young age.

And apparently surgery only makes the problem worse.

Better you than me, kid.

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Because they pick and choose what Bible verses to believe .. And the Old Testament in Leviticus says that homosexuality is a sin deserving death. 

Of course, it also says not to eat certain things or wear clothing made of multiple materials ... Which they conveniently ignore.

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If you’re logging in on multiple devices (say you have SC on your phone you log into it on an ipad), SC only stays logged in on one of the devices. Everything is saved, the only problem is it’s annoying to log back in, so you’ll have to stay on your phone only.

If it’s not … Read more

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Sounds like sleep paralysis hallucinations but it could be something deeper. Either way, tell a doctor about it, listen to them and they can get you something to calm your mind.

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Is it something called “schadenfreude”? Apparently that feeling comes from the situation subconsciously showing you that you’re not as much of a failure in life as the next person is (lack of better words, sorry).  

No one wants to admit feeling it, but it’s completely normal. But notice you wouldn’t laugh atRead more
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If you cannot communicate the actual act and understand what that act entails, you are either too young to be trying it or talking about it, or too dumb (I'm sorry . . . Naïve) to be doing it at all . . . Lets not multiply your genetic matter please . . .