Could they be talking again. So I am a cancer like my horoscope sign lol. And most cancers are able to pick up on people's energies and we are very aware of our surroundings. But sometimes, we can be very insecure, very doubtful and we tend to  overthink think thing's to much. But also, we have a sense and a good insight when it comes to what we feel at the moment and at the time. And most females are very intuitive and have good intuition better than men do lol.  Now don't get me wrong please don't, I don't always get it right when i feel like something is wrong. Please believe that. But anyways- just getting to my point. This girl, that I know, and I went to school with, we have been Facebook friends every since we added each other. But unfortunately over the years we just stopped communicating once we graduated and separated out of each other's lives. We are about the same age. I was born in 1991 and she was born in 1992. But both of us are Cancers, and I have been knowing this guy for about 5 year's. But I don't know him personally I met him back in 2014, and since then we kept close to each other. Then after a couple years went by we started having problems what each other and noun is 2018 and we are no longer talk anymore. But he did add her on his page back in 2017. And I noticed that he started liking her pictures or post, and I was like wtf! is that really who I think it is. It was a picture that you took at the time that I also thought was nice or halfway decent, and I was looking at the different likes of people that liked the picture also. So I came across his name and I was like holy ish, this is not for real. And as far as him he's the type of guy that would talk to anybody and probably stick his thing in any female Smh. Btws, it was just driving me crazy because any time that I will get online, those two was always online. I said, no maybe it's just a coincidence, so I went to his page and looked her up and boom I saw her name then I went to her page and looked him up and boom I saw his name. So I said OMG! this is crazy, so I waited a few months and talk to a psychic about the situation and asked her about it. And she said that they are getting close and they both find each other attractive, And i also asked if she and him had sex. And she said no! and said that the sexually chemistry is there and it will happen eventually. But she said she don't trust him. So when she said that I was like okay well that's good enough for me and I'll plant it in my head I had a plan to end the relationship between those two. So a few month's went by, and I made this fake Facebook account and pretended like I was his baby mama and told her to leave him alone. And so she did, he was off her page and he was off of hers. So this was all back in 2017 remind you.But now it's 2018 and him and I aren't speaking anymore or right now. But I feel like that they are back talking again. Because anytime I get online shes online and so is he. Or just out the blue they'll both pop up online at the exact same time or offline almost the exact same time. Now maybe it's just me, but is there a possible chance that they are back talking again or has she really left him alone. I can't find him on her page and I don't see her on his page. But people can be sneaky on the down low still. Any advice, and if so how do I cop with it?


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But she said she don't trust him.

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Willie B. good answered

WOW!!!!! All I'm seeing is you posted anonymously blah blah blah blah blah I'm a cancer blah blah blah I went to a psychic, then more blah blah blah. She's just not into you blah blah blah they're back together blah blah blah get over it.

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People are sneaky and low down! Seriously have you looked in the mirror?

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