Long story but I am to the point to where I feel unsafe because of my landlord. He comes in whenever he pleases and has gotten verbally abusive. How can I legally end my lease? Talking with him about it isn't an option. He will sue us out of spite.


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Willie B. good answered

Sounds like harassment from your landlord to me, might want to think about hiring an attorney.

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You need evidence,  don't say anything to your neighbour until you acquire it. Find out your rights by talking to a free law advice service.

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You should get a lawyer.  A little video of his abuse and trespassing attempts would be very helpful in your situation.

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What can he sue you for?

Access by landlord to rental property is usually limited:

And check out this site:

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You're best to hire a attorney or public defender to help solve these matters. I wouldn't get out of any lease just by doing it verbally that means nothing , you need something down on paper.

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