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If you’ve had one, what would you consider to be the 'rock bottom’ moment of your life?

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The day I ended up on my parents door step with three kids and the clothes on our back, strung out on meth running from a life I thought I wanted. Let's just say that it is a wicked lie that you have to be "perfect" in order to be a follower of Jesus. I met Him four months later. I walked through the doors of my church high. He did not close the door on me. And it wasn't until months later I got on my knees asking Him to deliver me from my addiction because I knew I wouldn't be able to do on my own power. I have been drug free almost 7 years now. Thank You my Savior. 🤗

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a while back in 2003 I had a bad anxiety attack . It scared me.  I don't know if that's a bad situation but at the time it was for me. I know it sounds dumb . I'm sorry.

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The day in summer 1976 when my drunkard old man (finally) deserted us, blurting out as he stomped away, “You and the damn kids are too ugly to look at!”. (Slams door)

My brainless, toxic, shrew of a mother yelled back, “so you’re leaving them with me?” Then she went out drinking. My sisters and I were stuck living in a crappy apartment with her, full ashtrays, empty fridge, facing eviction. 

Never saw a nickel of child support. No birthday cards, nothing. I have never forgiven either of them.

32 years later —almost to the day— I retired a multimillionaire, and had permanent exclusion/non-contact orders issued against both of them. May they die slow, and alone. 

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Don Barzini
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True, Yin, and thanks. Notice I didn’t (and still don’t) refer to my bio father as “Dad”, because he didn’t earn it.

Vito never had kids of his own, but for 5 years he was as much of a model parent as I’ve ever known. His death hammered home to me how short and fickle life is. Gotta get busy living.
I wish my kids could have met him.
Yin And Yang
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Z, in a way.... it's like they did/do. Vito is the inspiration behind their Dad. They know you. They benifit through the relationship he had with you. You said he is instilled in you the great things you are and became. And then you passed it down to your kids. In a way... I think they did get to meet him... through you. ☺
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You are a major part of Vito's legacy, Z. I'm happy that he was able to give you so much.

(And Happy New Year to you and y our family)
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I've lived under many stressful situations in life from a house that should be condemn to a house with working facilities but i live with cousins who place me under stressful situations. I need to make a new life for myself and i been praying for this to happen. I loss my Mother on Nov 10, 2003 , i loss all my Grandparents, My relationship with my Sister , Niece aren't the best . So i been praying for all these situations i won't lie i am a sinner and I've committed many sins but i try my best to stay close to Jesus cause i know without him i wouldn't make it in this world . I have many health problems both mentally and physically and i don't like to leave the house much i like to be homebody person . But i will admit i came along way in life and i still manage to go to get the help i need for mental illness and physical illnesses i am far from a Saint i tend to place barriers up when i feel hurt but all i can do is pray about things. 

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Don Barzini
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You should give yourself more credit, Darren. You have done quite a lot, and more yet needs to be done. You can do it. You deserve your best life, keep moving forward.
God helps those who help themselves.
Darren Wolfgang
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Thank You Don , Yeah i agree with you :)

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